7 Funniest Incidents in IPL Matches

7 Funniest Incidents in IPL Matches

7 Funniest Incidents in IPL Matches

Indian Premier League cricket league is one of the most engaging and captivating events. Packed with drama and comical on-field incidents, IPL promises a truly captivating cricket experience.

Royal Challengers Bangalore have an avid following yet have yet to win the IPL trophy, prompting online mememers to make IPL related jokes each season.

1. Kieron Pollard and Chris Gayle

Indian Premier League matches have provided their audiences with plenty of drama and controversy, as well as memorable moments that leave everyone laughing out loud. One such moment occurred in 2015 during a match between Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore when rain interrupted play and players began making their way back to their pavilions. At that moment, Yuvraj Singh playful pushed Chris Gayle from Royal Challengers Bangalore before Gayle tried chasing Yuvraj with his bat, prompting everyone at Chinnaswamy Stadium to laugh loud.

West Indies cricketers are widely recognized for being very playful off the field and enjoy having a good time off the pitch, often during training sessions or team meetings. They are famous for engaging in playful banter between innings as well as pulling pranks on each other and tease each other mercilessly.

One such incident took place during a match between SunRisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians in 2013. David Warner and Kieron Pollard appeared to have an amicable rapport when Warner pushed Pollard with friendly intent before Pollard attempted to playfully sledging Warner by blowing kisses toward Warner before making one of his characteristic facial expressions on the field.

2. David Warner and Ravindra Jadeja

Nothing shows a healthy rivalry on the field like players engaging in light-hearted banter between innings – something which occurred during DC and CSK’s match at Arun Jaitley Stadium when CSK all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja mock-threatened a run-out as DC captain David Warner stepped out of his crease. Jadeja mock-threatened an out if Deepak Chahar delivered deep cover delivery aimed for Warner, however Moeen Ali missed his stumps at bowler end end instead.

Jadeja was at extra cover when Warner appeared to try and run him out but failed. Jadeja attempted to throw the ball, yet failed to release it – prompting the Delhi batsman to mimic Jadeja’s sword celebration by swinging his bat similarly.

Delhi fans were in stitches as they cheered their two players’ amusing exchange, leaving many laughing. Both are known for being fun-loving individuals both on and off the field – enjoying both equally. It wasn’t the first time either; back in 2015 they made headlines for one of the funniest run-out incidents ever seen during IPL history! Check out this video.

3. Andre Russell and Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav is one of the premier wrist spinners worldwide, known for his high ball turn and unorthodox action. However, during a game against Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens he made an unfortunate error that created a comical scene.

David Warner made headlines this past month for his hilarious antics with Kieron Pollard during an international match against PBKS, when he attempted to sledge him with a flying kiss that Pollard wasn’t interested in receiving and put tape in his mouth to express his displeasure at. It had the spectators laughing out loud.

As soon as RCB lost to Delhi Capitals in IPL 2022, fans began posting funny memes trollign them with pictures like Krunal Pandya making an exasperated face – something which quickly went viral and made people smile and giggle!

4. Kieron Pollard and Ajinkya Rahane

One of the funniest IPL moments happened during a match between Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore, when players were leaving due to rain delays. Yuvraj Singh playful pushed West Indies power-hitter Chris Gayle out of his seat before Gayle immediately chased after him with his bat; these two used to be teammates earlier and share an affectionate bond.

Kieron Pollard has become known for his quirky antics on the cricket field, and this incident was no different. After an argument between Pollard and David Warner, Pollard delivered a dot ball which Warner attempted to hit but failed at doing so; Pollard then responded with one of his famous reactions.

Squabbling between these two stars continued. After that, Pollard made headlines when he dropped Michael Hussey three times within one over! Commentators and spectators alike found this hilarious.

5. David Warner and Harshal Patel

Indian Premier League cricket tournament is an intense and highly-competitive contest that has witnessed heartache, drama and many funny on-field incidents over its years of play. But it has also provided lighter moments that bring joy and create a sense of togetherness among its fans – one such instance being during the last weekend of league stages matches between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Delhi Capitals (DC), when DC captain David Warner engaged in an entertaining exchange with CSK all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja.

After a dot ball, Jadeja attempted to throw the ball at Warner but found him outside his crease – pretending to run him out by willowing his bat while performing Jadeja’s signature sword-waving celebration and sending laughter rippling through the field. Players and spectators on hand laughed until their sides hurt from laughter!

Harshal Patel is an IPL player for Punjab Kings (PBKS) in India who holds an USA Green Card. As a fast bowler he has made waves this season due to his economical bowling. Harshal has the potential of becoming one of world cricket’s premier bowlers over time and his amusing antics on the field have led to many unforgettable IPL moments!

6. RCB and PBKS

Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) and Punjab Kings will come face-to-face in an important clash today at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, looking to redeem themselves after their opening loss against Chennai Super Kings while their counterparts from Punjab remain winless so far in this tournament.

Bengaluru’s pitch is a batting paradise with short boundaries, making it hard for bowlers to take wickets without providing some pace or bounce. RCB’s failure to contain Chennai Super Kings at Chepauk Stadium exposed their weaknesses; therefore they will need to up their game when facing off against an aggressive Punjab team.

Even though RCB bowlers had an inferior bowling performance, their batsmen still showed their class. Virat Kohli was in fine form as he hit Harshal for two back-to-back fours off him to ease pressure before an innocuous rash slash off Harpreet Brar was caught with an easy catch between deep point and deep third fielder Harpreet Brar was in an excellent spot between deep point and deep third for an easy catch.

Sam Curran and Yash Dayal also gave away cheap runs as their home side reached 176 for 6. Alzarri Joseph gave away seven runs off his final over and was thus the first wicket to fall.

7. Danny Morrison and Karishma Kotak

Indian Premier League cricket fans know it for its fast-paced action, but fans also enjoy the lighter moments that provide entertainment and togetherness among fans. A hilarious moment occurred during a match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals: as an umpire was walking onto the pitch, an individual on the sidelines offered an apple instead of balls; which he took, signalled it wasn’t intended as one and returned it immediately causing both players and spectators to laugh with amusement.

Kieron Pollard and David Warner got into an amusing spat during Sunrisers Hyderabad-Mumbai Indians IPL 2013 match, when both began bickering from the beginning. Pollard bowled a dot ball that Warner tried hitting but failed. Pollard then continued his banter by bowling another one that caused further friction between himself and Warner.

Danny Morrison is an iconic New Zealand cricket commentator known for his humorous comments and engaging delivery style. At an IPL match he caused quite an uproar by lifting Sports Presenter Karishma Kotak with his arm – an entertaining gesture which should not have occurred on the field.


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